The same principles that boost your operational efficiency also apply to recruiting and retention. Build your workplace strategy with a systems thinking approach.

A disciplined approach to your workforce must center around your most important asset – your people

Rethink your old rules of hiring in order to attract and recruit new people from new places.

Read tips on how to build a positive workplace culture that makes you an employer of choice in your community

Understand how training and developing your people not only improves job retention, but also enhances your business value 

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Meet Our Team

The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services (UT CIS) is an agency of the UT Institute of Public Service and has served the manufacturing ecosystem in Tennessee since 1963. Our Solutions Consultant team represents Tennessee’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership by providing a variety of services for small and mid-sized manufacturers and businesses across all 95 counties.

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Our workforce specialists will help you develop a systematic approach to finding and retaining talent.

Misty DePriest
Manufacturing Extension Manager

Misty is a program manager with the UT CIS Manufacturing Extension Partnership and works to ensure her team has the resources needed to serve Tennessee manufacturers.

Keith Groves
Manufacturing Consultant

Keith is a continuous improvement specialist working across the state to help companies reduce costs, improve capacities, eliminate wasteful production activities, and facilitate culture change.

Danny helps manufacturers find solutions to highly technical problems by connecting companies to leading research facilities and resources. He also works across the state to help companies identify and implement automation and Industry 4.0 solutions and helps companies with supplier scouting of new and existing products.

Danny Norman
Advanced Manufacturing Consultant

With a passion for people development and global experience in developing and improving workplace culture, Tim is focused on helping you implement a workplace development program unique to your company.

Tim Waldo
Workforce Consultant

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UT Center for Industrial Services (CIS)

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